About Kerry

Hi there! I'm the creator behind Kdunph Diaries. My full name is Kerry Renee Dunphy, otherwise known as Kdunph. My seventh grade teacher gave me the nickname Kdunph and for some reason it has stuck ever since. I’m 24 years old and I grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Now, I live right outside of Philly. I come from a large family of seven children, I'm the sixth. I’m outgoing, an avid coffee drinker, reader of self-help and rom-com novels, working out enthusiast, a fan of watching beauty tips and tricks on YouTube and spending time with my family and friends. I'm currently in graduate school and I plan on gaining more experiences and knowledge along the way. When it comes to my dream job, I'd love to work within the media industry as a reporter or host for a television station and become an author.

If you want to learn more about me, check out my first blog post - Hi I'm Kerry, the creator behind Kdunph Diaries!


About The Blog

When I was a young girl, I wrote in my diary every day. That's when I discovered my love for writing. In September of 2020, I finally decided to own that role of helping others and be intentional about it. I decided to combine my love for helping others with my passion for writing and founded KDUNPH DIARIES. I started writing about my passions and what I believe in to help others, and it has been an exciting ride ever since. On this blog, I'll be talking about all sorts of things - stories that truly matter, beauty/style tips and secrets, traveling, advice from what I've learned, and so much more. Thank you for sticking around!


"My motto is to always be kind and understanding to others. You truly never know what anyone is going through. It's just the truth. Being mean will get you nowhere in life."