Kdunph Diaries is a Philadelphia Lifestyle Blog in which Kerry blogs about feature stories, her personal life and Inspiration, style trends, beauty tips and tricks and so much more


Here to fill you in on the tea




I've wanted to start a blog for a while now and finally decided that it's time to start this thing. Writing is a passion of mine and has been ever since I was a little girl, writing in my hot pink diary. I plan on talking about varied topics, and I'm excited to share a piece of my world with you. So with that said, let's get started!

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Hi I'm Kerry!

I'm 25 years old and live right outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My nickname is Kdunph. In fifth grade, I had a diary that I wrote in almost every day. It's when I discovered my love for writing. That's the idea behind the name Kdunph Diaries. I'm currently working in Public Relations/Social Media and am a recent graduate student. I'm also making my way through adulthood and doing a little bit of soul searching along the way. 

Welcome to my blog! If you're in your 20's, you'll probably relate the most with me. If you're not, I'm so happy you're here. I've gone through many changes in my life this past year. I feel as though I'm a new person because of it. I'm here to share my life experiences with you along the way. Maybe you'll feel like you can relate to me, or possibly you'll become inspired to do great things. Either way, I'll be sharing stories on varied topics. Check out my About Me page!