Diary Entry 4.8.21 - Spring Vacation / I Missed You

Updated: Mar 22

Where have I been? I know, I haven’t posted a blog post in two weeks! I usually post once or twice every week. But, I noticed that I was starting to feel overwhelmed with making sure to have two blog posts out on top of graduate school. So, I decided to take a break. I think that’s important for me to share. Maybe this will have a beneficial effect on you. Maybe you will relate to me. Maybe you’re just here to read a story. I’m just glad you’re here!

Little breaks or detoxes are needed sometimes, it’s not a bad thing to focus on your mental health and well-being. Whether it’s from social media, eating junk food, stressors, etcetera; whatever it may be, these little breaks can make you feel good and refreshed. I wanted to share my thoughts on this because I think it’s so important to talk about.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my blog, I’ve always wanted to start one. However, I needed a break even from the thing I adore so much. It doesn’t mean that I wanted to stop writing, I just needed a break because I had a lot on my plate. Now, here I am, sitting in my seat in an airplane on my way to Florida wanting to write. I can’t help it, the heart wants what it wants. Let’s talk about goals.

I feel as though if we force ourselves to set certain goals and then they don’t happen, we’re just going to make ourselves disappointed. What fun is that? I started to get upset with myself because I didn’t meet “my goal.” What I failed to realize is that you can’t beat yourself up when things don’t go right. Instead you should strategize on why it didn’t work out and think of a solution or a different goal. It’s okay to take a step back.

I’ve noticed over the last couple of years that the things that I didn’t perfectly plan out turned out to be the perfect experiences. Isn‘t that funny? If you’re reading this and you’re a great planner who meets their goals, don’t get mad at me. That’s awesome that you can pull that off! I envy you. I’m not here to say “don’t set goals” because thats just not logical, it’s very important. But, what I am sitting here and telling you is that sometimes the best things in life come unexpectedly and not-so-much-planned.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed when things don’t work out, try going with the flow for something (as simple as not making set plans for a night out), or think of how you can fix the scenario. I’ve talked about this a bit in another post, but I really listened to my own advice this time. I took some time off and gave myself space to think. You come first! So, what am I doing right now?

I’m on my way to Fort Lauderdale, Florida right now with my boyfriend, and two other couples. We call ourselves the “couples retreat,” and now we’re actually going on one. I got so close to them the past year and we decided to go on a trip together. For the gals, our boyfriends treated us! It’s Wednesday night as I’m writing this. I keep looking out the window (yes, I got the window seat, score) and the sky is pitch black but the stars are so bright - cool.

I’m also going back and forth from the writing and playing random crossword puzzle and trivia games, just to pass time. We’re all not sitting together so I have to entertain myself one way or another! We’re staying until Sunday night. It’s my spring break too, forgot to mention that. it worked out perfectly and unexpectedly may I add. We were supposed to go sometime in March but switched it up. I’m taking this time to relax, focus on myself, and do the things that I love the most.

Right now I’m both traveling and writing, so we’re off to a great start. As if I don’t do enough writing throughout the week for school... but there’s just something about telling a story and writing down my thoughts that makes me feel good. I usually am one to write about stories about others or personal stories that people have asked me to talk about, but here I am writing a sort-of diary entry. It’s different but I like it. I decided 5 seconds ago that I’m going to start writing a story of some sort and then write a personal diary one as well every week, to mix things up a bit. Also, that I’ll be posting twice a week now.

We’re landing in the next ten minutes. Wahoo! It’s funny, I always get antsy when I get on a plane, but once I get settled in, I love it. A love hate relationship? Having the window seat is the best In my opinion ... the world is insane. To think that I haven’t seen nearly any of it is crazy. It makes me want to see everything. It also makes me want to move out my of home town, even if it’s for a year or two. Just to experience living somewhere else for a bit would be such a fresh breathe of air I think. Who knows maybe I’ll fall in love with Florida for the third time and want to move here.

Okay, I’m going to sit back and listen to music now for the rest of my flight. Taylor Swift it is. I just wanted to talk to you first, I missed you. But, before I go! As your reading this, a podcast I was featured in will be coming out around 5 pm tonight. Take a listen!

I’ll post about it on my social media stories so you can follow along. I talk about my blog and have a great conversation with two guys who started a podcast that focuses on mental health and helping people out. It’s called “The Loft” and the one I’m featured in will be episode 14! It’ll be on YouTube. I don’t want to give too much of it away, so make sure to watch! I was really nervous at first, it was my first interview. Don’t mind my blabber. What did I even say? I guess we’ll both have to go listen, huh?

Do something for yourself this week. Talk to you soon. Hint: thrift shopping with an expert.

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