If Your Sister is Your Best Friend Consider Yourself Lucky

Updated: Mar 22

It's not a given that your sister will turn out to be your best friend, but when it does happen, consider yourself lucky. I was blessed to be given five, but my younger sister Erin and I, our relationship is special. We've been instant best friends ever since we were babies. Literally, I would never leave her side. If you have a sister that you're lucky enough to also call your best friend, you know that it's probably the biggest love/hate relationship you’ll ever experience.

Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. You literally can't. Ahhh the special bond. You'll be annoyed and won't talk to her when she takes your favorite shirt without asking, but then five minutes later you'll ask her if she wants to go get ice cream. There is no in between.

This meme and the ones below posted by BuzzFeed pretty much sums up sister relationships ...

It's different from a relationship with a typical best friend, because at the end of the day she's your sister, she can't stay mad at you forever! See you at dinner. We have a bond like no other. I've come to realize that we can't go a day without talking to each other. Not one day. Even if we get annoyed with each other and fight, we have to make up by making each other laugh.

We have completely different personalities, but we're the same person at the same time. How does that make sense? The answer is I simply don't know. But, we learn from each other's differences and we're not afraid to tell each other how we feel. That's a special quality in a friendship.

Being protective comes naturally when you love someone, but when it comes to your sister it's a whole different ball game. Growing up, I was her protector, so much that I needed to know where she was every second of the day. I'm still protective and want to know what's up but in a less psychotic sort of way. As we've gotten older, she's become my protector too. It's our norm to tell each other anything and everything, we need to know what each other is doing 24/7.

Although your sister can get on your nerves, you know the relationship you have is special.

When someone messes with your sister, it's a whole different type of protection. You'll always have each other's backs.

My sister and I both have the same sense of humor. We also swear we have "telepathy," when it comes to our way of thinking. Growing up with her has been the experience of a lifetime.

I've always been there for her, especially during the rough patches when things weren't easy. She returns that favor and always tells me what exactly I need to hear. From time to time, I'll always remind her that she's strong and beautiful because that simple reminder can go a long way. We build each other up! That's why our relationship is so special, because no matter what, we'll always be there for one another. But, at the same time roast each other and be brats - that's what sisters are for right?

My little sister Erin and I are four years apart. Today, you probably wouldn't be able to tell, we're almost identical at this point! She has always been there for me and I know she always will. To you, sister ❤️

Here are some more of my favorite sister memes

Sisters are bound together by family and are stuck with each other for life. If you have a sister that's your best friend, and can relate to what I said, make sure to send her this!

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