Meg Doc Cakes is a huge success in Northeast Philadelphia

Updated: May 10

Meghan Dougherty is the creator and baker behind Meg Doc Cakes. With the help of her culinary skills and popularity on social media, her small business, Meg Doc Cakes, has been skyrocketing. Where did the name originate? Meghan says the name stuck when a friend made a logo for her with Meg doc cakes on it. She recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Pastry Arts after attending TheRestaurant School at Walnut Hill College for three years. "It was extremely hard balancing both school and work, but now that I'm done I still feel as if it’s hard to juggle only having seven days in a week," states Meghan.

I asked Meghan more questions in regards to her popular small business, Meg Doc Cakes.

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself? Have you always liked to bake or is it something you recently picked up?

I have always loved to bake. From the time I was little my Grammy always had me and my sisters do fun stuff in the kitchen. Once high school hit I started to do some baking here and there but just thought of it as a hobby. I went to Bloomsburg for one semester and decided to come home and attend culinary school. I picked up pastry arts as my major and ever since I loved it. I recently just graduated with my bachelors degree in pastry arts!

If I didn't know anything about your business, what would you want to tell me?

I would want to tell you that this isn’t easy. As you can tell from me taking forever to get back to these interview questions.. it’s a hard job. But I love it. I work 12+ hours per day, by myself. But it is the best job I have ever had. It is hard to juggle the messages and the baking and the decorating and the organization all alone but I love what I do.

You're a big hit in Northeast Philadelphia! Social media is so powerful. Do you think instagram had a lot to do with it? What are your thoughts?

I believe Instagram changed my life in more ways than one. If it wasn’t for Instagram and the people who use it, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Instagram has been the best way for me to show my business and my work. I have Facebook and other social media but when it comes to business, Instagram is extremely powerful.

What made you want to start your small business? When did you start it?

I started my small business roughly three years ago when I began culinary school. It wasn’t until coronavirus hit that my business really started to pick things up. I mainly started my business just for fun and as a side job and now it is my full time job! I started to see my progress as I continued through school but then many people started being interested in my work and it began to get bigger and bigger.

Have you seen progress in your own work, just from doing so many orders?

Yes ! 100%. I look back on old pictures and sometimes get embarrassed. I have come a crazy long way in 3 years. I personally think I get better with every cake I make !

What kind of items have been the biggest hit?

My biggest hit is definitely cinnamon buns. They fly out of the kitchen around here! I only do them once a month because of how many people order them but they're definitely the most popular item I have. Along with specialty cakes, and cookies!

I saw that you pulled an all-nighter to complete your orders this past Valentine's day. That's dedication. What was that process like for you?

I honestly am used to it! I pull multiple all nighters during holiday weeks. Valentine’s day I pulled 2 I believe. This process is hard. I work 24 hours straight, go home to sleep a few hours and then come back to work. It’s hard. And tiring to say the least but in the end seeing how much I produced with the small crew I had. It was amazing and really heartwarming to see how many people supported me.

Do you try to do big orders on holidays? Do you take custom orders? Can you explain a little more about that?

I do not do custom orders for holidays. Well I do, but I try not to. I usually end up taking a few custom orders for the holidays but it’s super hard when I have a million other things to do. Each holiday I put a menu out and I try and encourage everyone to pick from the menu I have!

Do you like working under pressure?

Yes and no! I do enjoy having to be done at certain times but it can get extremely hard. Sometimes a cake will not go as planned or take way longer than I expected and that’s when I get extremely anxious. For the most part my time management is good but it can get very hard sometimes.

Do you have employees/friends helping you? If you'd like me to mention them let me know!

I do not have a full time crew but I do have helpers here and there. My friends and family help me a lot. My best friends Colleen, Makayla and Duffy have helped me in the past. My cousins Abby and Emma have also helped me. And I also hired a girl who is now a good friend ! Her name is Madi! Although these girls don’t have much training they are a huge help and support system for me. Along with my mom, dad and grandma, they help me in the kitchen and with pick ups!

How has the entire experience been like for you so far? Do you have any big plans for the future?

The entire experience for me has been insane. I never imagined this being my life. I never thought so many people would enjoy my treats. I do have big plans and dreams for the future but for now I hope to keep things going the way they are. I plan to eventually own a bakery to keep my dreams going. We will see what the future holds for me.

If you want a bakery item for a holiday or just because, Meg Doc Cakes is the place to order. It's located in Fox Chase and she also has pick up available in Juniata for the time being. If you are interested in ordering bakery items for Saint Paddys Day, she has menu items available all month long. March is booking up fast, so if you need any specialty cakes, cookies, etcetera this month make sure you order soon!

Her contact information is located on her Instagram, @megdougherty_cakes. Make sure to give her a follow and check out the rest of her creations along with her giveaways!

"My message to anyone thinking of doing something outside the box.. do it! It will pay off. My life is changed forever just from a small idea I had of doing what I love. Follow your dreams and it’ll all work out how it’s supposed to." -Meghan Dougherty

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