What's In Your Purse at all Times?

The contents of your purse may say a lot about you. Some women only carry their phone, wallet, and keys, while others may have their entire life with them on the go. My mother, for instance, is the one who always has the snacks and pretty much anything you would ever need handy. My family and I joke that she has a Marry Poppin's (1964) purse.


If you need some help deciphering what items you should carry on the go, I asked Individuals on Instagram what's in their purses at all times. Pshh, and I thought I was clever!

Here are their responses:

  • "Hand lotion is my new thing. Tissues. Travel Perfume. Sunglasses. Pen."

  • "Gum. Chapstick. Hand Sanitizer. Granola Bar. I always have a water bottle on me. Hair Tie. Clip."

  • "The mini Vaselines!"

  • "Chapstick. Aquaphor. Lip Gloss. Tampons. Gum. Pen. $1 Bills."

  • "Lipgloss x3."

  • "Gum and Chapstick. I die if I don't have them."

  • "Wallet. Fenty Gloss."

  • "Mini (La Mer) Face Moisturizer. I dab it on my face throughout the day. Undereye concealer."

  • "Birth Control. Lip Liner. Lip Gloss. Lipstick (CT Pillow Talk). Gum. Wallet. Sometimes my phone charger."

  • "Roll on perfume. Mini brush. Advil. Lash glue. Eye drops. Mirror. Dior Lip Glow."

  • "A mini hair brush and lip gloss."

  • "Concealer. Hand sanitizer. Chapstick. Vax card."

  • "Chapstick. Lotion. Advil."

  • "My Epi Pen."

I usually try to keep my wallet, keys, lipgloss, a pair of earrings, hair clip, portable phone charger, and gum handy. Do you have any items in your purse that you always need on the go?

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